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If a survivor wants to kill a Jug Bug, it is best to leave their sack full, as when they try to flee their movement speed will be severely lowered, making them easy targets for spears and bolas.

While chasing a Jug Bug, you might accidentally fall off a cliff or run into an aggressive dino. To prevent this, a well charged bola will hold it down to prevent unnecessary chasing across the desert.

Use a Megalosaurus, Kaprosuchus, or grappling hook to place them in your holding area. Resources—water or oil—may be obtained without harming the bug.

Cementing Paste both. To farm it you will need a Beelzebufo a high damage one is need to make sure the bug doesn't fly away.

Sign In. Jump to: navigation , search. Dossier Jug Bug. These values may differ with what you see in-game or written elsewhere. But that is what the dossier says.

Release Versions. Not Yet Released. Torpor Immune. XP For Kill. Cementing Paste Chitin Raw Meat. Feces Size. Drag Weight. Carryable By.

Aberrant Megalosaurus Kaprosuchus Megalosaurus Tusoteuthis. Immobilized By. Can Damage. Thatch Greenhouse Wood. For an explanation of exactly how the levelup calculation works, see Creature Stats Calculation.

For a comparison of the speeds of all creatures, see Base Creature Speeds. Italics denote creatures that have not yet been released!

See also Gallery of Dossiers. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. Skins Light skin Dark skin Switching skins.

This page was last edited on 27 June , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. This creature, item, or feature is not yet released in the version on Nintendo Switch.

For general infos about domesticating a wild creature see Taming. The Argentavis isn't as fast as the Pteranodon but will still flee when Torpor is getting high and not resume attacking the Player, so be prepared for a chase.

It's relatively easy to keep them in range of a Crossbow or Longneck Rifle but On the other hand, the Argentavis will attack you if you let it get close enough: additionally, their natural spawning ranges primarily mountains are usually overrun with dangerous predators, so be aware of your surroundings and be prepared in case the hunt goes sour.

The best strategy is simple and effective: first, get your target Argentavis to fly at the ground level by attacking it with either a Crossbow and Tranquilizer Arrows or a Longneck Rifle and Tranquilizer Darts.

The bird will circle back around and repeat the process. When its torpor grows too high, the Argentavis will turn and try to fly away; be quick to shoot it down before it gets out of range.

An alternate strategy is to take advantage of the Argentavis' natural aggression. Because it will go on the attack once provoked and will follow the player a remarkable distance, the Argentavis can easily be lured into a variety of traps and taming pens.

Low level survivors especially should consider building a simple trap out of Wood or Stone materials to keep the Argentavis immobile and get it away from other predators that would otherwise kill it once knocked unconscious.

Note, that you can provoke an Argentavis into chasing you by simply getting close enough, which will help isolate a chosen target from the flock without its other members interference.

At around coordinates 44,66 on The Island , one can find a natural pillar on which virtually no creatures spawn. If you have already tamed a Pteranodon, it can be flown northwest towards The Frozen Tooth where Argentavis spawn very frequently.

Swoop in on a lone Argentavis and peck at it once to get it start chasing you. Maintain a close distance to the Argentavis, letting it land an attack every once in a while to keep aggro, and lure it to the pillar.

Dismount on the pillar and use tranquilizer arrows or darts to bring it down. Bringing at least two Longneck Rifles pre-loaded with darts is recommended, as once the Argentavis builds up enough torpor it'll attempt to flee, and the reload time on the rifle might buy it enough time to fly too far away for it to fall onto the safe pillar once unconscious.

An extremely easy and efficient method used for taming Argentavis involves their Rapid Regeneration status effect they gain whenever they eat.

This method is especially useful because it allows any level Argentavis to be tamed within minutes. All one needs to do is apply torpor to a wild Argentavis, and then knock it out when the Rapid Regeneration status effect is active.

The status effect causes the Argentavis to consume food at an accelerated rate, and it will continue to consume food until the effect wears off, even after it has been knocked out.

Because its food will now be significantly drained, it can start being fed right away and tamed extremely quick. The optimal setup for doing this method would be to build a large structure to trap a wild Argentavis, and then tranq it until it loses aggro.

Once this has happened, find and kill a small creature that can be dragged and drag it into the enclosure. The Argentavis will eventually eat it and gain the Rapid Regeneration buff, signaled by the green particles around its head.

Once the buff has been enabled, finish tranqing it until it is knocked out, and its hunger will continue to drop at an accelerated rate, even after it has fallen unconscious.

Keep in mind that the Rapid Regeneration buff only lasts for 20 seconds, so be sure to bring a magnifying glass to check the Argentavis' torpor and ensure you will be able to knock it out before the buff wears off.

Another thing to be aware of is that bringing in the kill for the Argentavis to eat will also attract other wild Argentavis, which will then attempt to enter or attack the enclosure.

Be sure to clear out the area once you have your Argentavis of choice successfully trapped. Note that the values are for optimal cases, always bring extra supplies!

For a level-dependent count of resources needed, try an external taming calculator. The Argentavis can be somewhat of a challenge to hit with any ranged weapons until the first shot has landed.

Once it becomes aggressive, it will charge until severely injured or its torpor becomes too high. The methods of killing an Argentavis depends on whether you're looking to engage it from the ground or from the air.

Ranged weapons like the Longneck Rifle , Assault Rifle , and even the Sniper Rifle are suggested if you plan on attacking it from the ground.

Once attacked, the Argentavis will become aggressive and fly straight towards the player, head first. This behavior, compounded with their head-shot modifier, makes them fairly easy to kill or knock out assuming you can get a clear shot.

If you are attacking the Argentavis from the air, perhaps using a tamed Argentavis of your own, be careful of drawing too large of a crowd.

Argentavis tends to spawn in large groups, and attacking one will make all of them aggressive. Watch your back and don't let them trap you in a swarm.

Ranged weapons are a must. Be careful when using a weapon equipped with a Scope , as they obstruct your field of vision, making you vulnerable to attack by other predators endemic to the Argentavis' native mountain ranges.

The Argentavis can be dangerous to players with low-damage weapons; however, if the player uses proper strategy, the Argentavis shouldn't be a problem.

The Argentavis can be very dangerous in groups of two or more as it can be hard to fight two at once, let alone more. Don't let them rile you up!

Focus on hitting them with melee weapons as they swoop around you, and make sure you concentrate. Be aware of other animals in the area, like Sabertooths and other fast carnivores.

Since an aggressive Argentavis will always charge head first anyway, make sure to aim there to deal extra damage.

They are fairly slow despite their appearance; it is even possible to outrun them on foot. The Argentavis reduces the weight of the following resources by the listed amount while they are in its inventory:.

Flying an Argentavis uses similar controls to movement on ground level with a few exceptions. Note: Tamed and unmounted Argentavis do not lose stamina while flying.

You can use this quirk to carry large amounts of weight quickly with an Argentavis set to follow. An Argentavis is capable of carrying smaller creatures.

This is done by using the alt-fire button Rmb , , while flying or hovering over the creature. The Argentavis will swing its legs forward in an animation similar to its attack.

If the grab was successful, you will be able to see the creature being pulled behind the Argentavis, as well as its name and level.

This is very useful for separating a small, high-level animal such as a Raptor from its pack so that you can tame it elsewhere.

The Argentavis can also attack creatures it is carrying by using the default attack button, or release them by pressing alt-fire again.

The creature being carried usually can not attack the Argentavis while it is being carried, but can land a hit when it is picked up or dropped.

If the carried creature is held too close to the Argentavis, though, it can attack. An Argentavis is currently able to carry 5 creatures at any one time; one in its claws, one in its beak, a survivor in the saddle, a creature being carried by the survivor and a creature being carried by a survivor riding the creature in its claws.

Note: As of patch The Ferox and Large Ferox can also be picked with its claws. For information pertaining specifically to the real-world Argentavis, see the relevant Wikipedia article.

Sign In. Jump to: navigation , search. Dossier Argentavis. These values may differ with what you see in-game or written elsewhere.

But that is what the dossier says. Release Versions. June 2, Argentustus Eerie Argentavis X-Argentavis. Torpor Immune. Taming Method.

Preferred Kibble. Superior Kibble. Kibble Stego Egg. Raw Mutton. Preferred Food. Raw Prime Meat. Argentavis Saddle Level Rider Weaponry.

Humans Can Carry. XP For Kill. Special Loot Chance. Feces Size. Drag Weight. Radiation Immune. Carryable By.

Aberrant Megalosaurus Megalosaurus. Immobilized By. Can Damage. Thatch Greenhouse Wood. Argentavis Egg. Incubation Range. Incubation Time.

Total Maturation Time. Breeding Interval. For an explanation of exactly how the levelup calculation works, see Creature Stats Calculation.

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