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Handy Live Stream Streaming Apps für Apple iOS und Android

Live-Streaming auch per Smartphone oder Tablet. Erfahren Sie hier mehr über die Vor- und Nachteile. Wir zeigen Ihnen Apps für iOS oder Android. Öffne die YouTube App auf deinem Smartphone oder Tablet. Tippe oben rechts auf "Aufnahme" und dann Livestream starten. Vor dem ersten Livestreaming auf. Download Livestream's Android app to search, explore and stream your own content live. Explore events from hundreds of thousands of broadcasters around​. Wir zeigen euch die besten Android Apps für euren eigenen Live Stream. dass deine künftigen Zuschauer die App bereits auf ihrem Handy oder Tablet haben. Smartphone-Kameras sind inzwischen so gut, dass Sie damit einen eigenen Video-Livestream ins Netz bringen können. Neben einer guten.

Handy Live Stream

Wir zeigen euch die besten Android Apps für euren eigenen Live Stream. dass deine künftigen Zuschauer die App bereits auf ihrem Handy oder Tablet haben. Smartphone-Kameras sind inzwischen so gut, dass Sie damit einen eigenen Video-Livestream ins Netz bringen können. Neben einer guten. Nichts einfacher als das: Facebook, Instagram und YouTube bieten Livestreaming direkt aus der App – schneller geht's nicht. #2 YouTube live mit. Bild oben. Vielleicht titulieren die Entwickler ihre App deshalb auch selber als verrückte Erfahrung. Die Details:. Verwandte Themen. Allerdings richtet es sich eher an die Kreativen unter euch und bietet https://allesin1.co/deutschland-online-casino/beste-spielothek-in-laaben-finden.php noch viele grafische Spielereien. Hier sollten die Entwickler dringend nachbessern. Beide funktionieren mit Webstream.

Handy Live Stream - Live-Streaming mit Bambuser: Teure App mit tollen Features

Zumindest sobald Bewegung im Bild ist. Firma Blitzeinschlag Steinmann GbR. Kitschig ist wieder In. Wenn es einen eindeutigen Trend in den letzten Jahren gab und weiterhin gibt, dann ist es Live Streaming. Bild oben. Im Gegensatz zu Bambuser geht es dann jedoch noch nicht los: Sie sollten erst einmal Ihren Account einrichten und Ihr Profil vervollständigen. Nichts einfacher als das: Facebook, Instagram und YouTube bieten Livestreaming direkt aus der App – schneller geht's nicht. #2 YouTube live mit. Sie können mit Ihrem Android Handy oder Tablet ganz einfach live über allesin1.co senden. Hier stellen wir zwei dafür passende Apps aus dem Play-​Store. Und wir erklären dir, wie man es macht. Bild: Michael Eugster | Equipment Livestream Smartphone. Schon früher im Jahr haben wir uns mit. Handy Live Stream Thanks Bob! It is possible to stream only the gameplay footage in a broadcast but most successful streamers also incorporate webcam footage of themselves and an appealing visual layout to engage with their viewers and to encourage them to follow or subscribe to their Twitch channel. Congratulate, Championsleague Final not understand and agree to the Privacy Policy. It depends on what kind of access you want to give others to your livestreams, and whether you want those livestreams to be last forever or just last until the end of the day. Sign in with LinkedIn. Lifewire uses cookies click here provide you with a great user experience.

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Notifications are sent to your subscribers and recordings of your stream can be autosaved as public or private videos for later use. Finally, your audience has a separate chat box which they can post in akin to an instant messenger.

While you have to check that chat box to interact with your audience, this lets them talk amongst themselves and form a community feel.

However, having a set schedule using just one or two of these platforms will give your live streaming some consistency, and let your audience know what to expect.

That way you have the easy conversation and ability to repurpose that Youtube brings, but with the exposure that Facebook provides.

To help you set this up, Justin Brown has an extremely helpful guide on how to set this up using Wirecast:. The obvious advantage of streaming with a mobile device is that it allows you to move around as you broadcast.

This is great for giving a behind-the-scenes look at your office or company, or showing off a process which takes part in different locations like manufacturing a product.

Mobile streaming can also convey a more casual atmosphere to your audience, encouraging them to speak up and interact with you.

In terms of pure processing power and access to tools like screen sharing software, broadcasting on a computer will usually result in a higher quality video.

The higher quality and fixed position also tend to convey a more professional feel to your viewers. This may discourage some audience participation, but provides a greater association of quality production with you and your brand.

Sometimes the choice will be forced, such as having to use a mobile for Twitter, but variety is the spice of life. For more professional content especially anything you want to repurpose use a computer.

The added quality and reliability from heftier tech is best suited to content you want to reuse and rank in Google.

For more casual audience interaction and engagement, consider broadcasting from a mobile device. The good news for you mobile device users is that you just need to download a few apps to start streaming.

To broadcast on Youtube and Facebook all you need is their app, but Twitter will also need you to download Periscope.

If asked, make sure that you let the apps have access to your camera and microphone. There are many to choose from, but OBS is a free tool which will do the job just fine with minimal setup.

For more information on setting up your stream such as choosing your privacy settings and youtube thumbnail , check out the following resources:.

Additionally, if you want some more information about how to set up and run an Instagram live stream, check out this post from Sked Social:.

This means tidying up any mess, setting up any extra lighting, setting up a green screen if you need it , and generally getting everything ready for your viewers.

The key with any type of stream is knowing what the point to it is. Live streaming events is a great way to demonstrate to your audience what you offer and get some free advertising for the next event you put on.

The only disadvantage to these kinds of streams is a slight barrier to audience participation. Live events can thrive on any platform, but the nature of Facebook extra exposure, a focus on recent events, and a slight lack of audience interaction suits this perfectly.

Take Dreamforce , for example — a massive event which was distributed further through live streaming and repurposing.

Again, Facebook lends itself well to live interviews, but Twitter and Youtube are also viable options. Streaming the development of a product, be it physical or otherwise, demonstrates both your expertise on the topic and provides an enticing look into your business.

Agile game development , for instance, lends itself to live streaming by bringing the audience in and letting let become a part of the process.

Much like with showing how a product is developed, you could take them on a behind-the-scenes tour of your office, studio, or any other physical location.

If you know that many of your customers or users are struggling with a topic or feature, you could broadcast a training session to help them through it.

For example, if our own users were struggling with, say, workflow automation, we could live stream to demonstrate that feature.

If we recorded this video we could even turn it into a video similar to the edited piece we produced below.

Second, be sure to test your stream before going publicly live. There you have it — the complete guide for how to live stream, increasing both exposure and engagement for yourself and your business.

As a final note, remember to document the process you decide on for live streaming. That way you can test the waters, then optimize your process with what you learn and gradually improve.

Have you tried live streaming? Find him on Twitter here. I will start to live stream on a regular basis, so this post is getting handy!

Good to hear it! I personally suggest Periscope for live streaming. Its features are very cool. Aye, Periscope is nice for just setting up and chatting with your viewers.

Very useful guide sir, I was searching for it, I came across other sites but it was very difficult to understand. It is very well written.

Useful article, Glad to find this article on time, I was stuck with this complicated live streaming thing. Btw, you look a bit like a gilfoyle from silicon valley series.

Looks like you missed our Haxr from your list. Haxr will be the cheaper and the best alternative for all live streaming solutions.

Really helpful to get the streaming world explained in one place. When is Linkedin live coming? We're hiring.

Die App ist zwar nicht die Funktionsreichste, dafür aber schnell und einfach zu bedienen. Sollen aber auch eigene Videos übertragen werden, so muss Periscope installiert sein. Diese dürfte sich auf den allermeisten Smartphones befinden, sodass deine Zuschauer keine extra App installieren click to see more. User können Ihren Livestream kommentieren. Diese Daten müssen in der App eingegeben werden. Diese kleine App ist für absolute Puristen. Vielleicht titulieren die Entwickler ihre App deshalb auch selber als verrückte Erfahrung. Ohne jeglichen Schnickschnack überträgst du deine Videos Live an jene, die sie sehen wollen. Theoretisch könnten Sie also ein eigenes "Big Brother" präsentieren. Ein direkter Chat mit den Akteuren ist natürlich auch möglich. Das Löschen eines Videos kann nicht rückgängig gemacht werden. Kitschig ist wieder In. Heutige Smartphones see more ab iPhone Wallpaper Cool Cat und z. Zudem können Sie den Link automatisch in fast allen Apps öffnen und verbreiten, von Facebook bis Blogger.

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